About Alphagramma

Presently, and perhaps for the rest of my life, I am the Pastor of a Fellowship founded by God fifteen years ago for a specific purpose; the bringing of the Good News to the people of 1Corinthians 1, specifically the are nots, and the despised, whom Paul specifically mantioned. You can find out more on our website

However, writing has always been a pastime I thoroughly enjoy, and I have employed and exploited any little talent I may have in many ways; children's stories, short stories with minimal success in magazines and local radio, book and script of musicals, countless sermons of which I cannot make judgement, but honestly believe that they were birthed by the Holy Spirit, are true to The Word, and were delivered as best as I was able; finally there are contained in these pages three- at the present time - very different opuses of mine.

One is a very short work based on an old friend's original booklet yet, during my personal research and efforts, changing as revelation opened clearer understanding and, after many years, reaching rather different options or deductions; it is a work on the necessity of the Holy Spirit, and a KISS understanding of the Gift of Tongues.

The second is a record of the life and times of Elisha, reimagined in many ways but based solidly on the Word, and with every external observation sourced and resourced intelligently and diligently and is complete with comprehensive footnotes to substantiate my conclusions. In my opinion, it also contains some of my best writings - although you, dear reader, will discover for yourself what merit my best has to offer.

The third is a work in progress which changes occasionally as my spirit recognises different aspects as prompted by the Holy Spirit, and will no doubt change many times before completion - if indeed such a state will ever be reached. It is as its title suggests, an ordinary Christian man's look at the exhilarating Book of Mark. It consumes me in many ways and I do pray my enthusiasm for the Gospel of Mark prompts you to read again this incredible book and absorb some of its energy.

Anything of worth in these pages is of God, anything else is of me. Peter


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